domingo, 5 de maio de 2013


I have to rent a room
where I can leave it all
I need to leave them
these feelings I can't feel now

These feelings that came to me without asking
what should I do with it?
Did they come for a visit?

I need a room
where I can keep them
because I cannot have them now

I will rescue them from the room
one day,
And I would like the one day to be now
I know it won't, because the "one days" are cruel

And they will invade the entire house
how glad I would be to leave them free to do so
but I have to keep them locked
I would have to put a warning in their room telling myself to keep the distance

But they will have to invade the house
they said and they will
at least they would have to do so, if they wanted to leave the house one day

I want that room
so they can be nearby

And if the devil came tonight
and if he took it all for a finger?
Would you give him a finger for that?

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